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About dealership
As in the case of any establishment, SVS dreams of becoming the top company in its field of operation with a continuously expanding and focused product range which can be sold through its sales network. This, we feel, will benefit the customer, the principals as well as the dealer network.

We are with a vision to expand our activities not only to benefit ou r industry but also to our dealer partners who, we believe, act as our face in their respective areas. We firmly believe that the dealers are the backbone of our company and complete and sincere support to them is a must for them to face-up to their AND, hence, our customers.

Our dealer is our PARTNER IN CUSTOMER SERVICE to promote SVS range of energy saving products, who as a member of SVS family will be committed to providing the best solution in achieving the desired environment in the customer’s working area and help him in achieving the energy cost reduction, enhancing the efficiency of the people and assets.
«« Mission »»
SVS is committed to regional expansion through appointment of individual area representatives      or dealers. Each area would comprise of an industrial zone / group of industrial zones depending on business potential and size.

Our mission is to establish a dealership network throughout India, the SAARC countries and elsewhere i.e. every industrial area of repute should be covered by a dealer. This, dealer network will work within their own defined territories without impinging on each other’s customers.
A DEALER will be one who wants to be part of our marketing activities for a vast area surrounding to him. He is ready to take sincere efforts to expand our reach with all the industries present in his area of operation.

We wish that those who are joining hands with us should be our exclusive dealers for our line of products. He will not directly or indirectly associate with any of the other manufacturers producing similar products. He will assure complete secrecy of all sales & sales support information provided to him.

We place TRUST & RELATIONSHIP foremost in any dealer appointment and always try to work towards a lasting relationship. The company has therefore decided to keep a flexible, transparent and sincere approach in the case of dealer appointment.

We, hence, DO NOT expect a dealer deposit but we do expect a judicious application of the dealer’s time, complete use of his industrial contacts and complete commitment to our common cause of increasing sales.
  • The dealers will be trained to assess the customer requirements and provide a complete  techno-commercial solution against the requirement. 
  • All soft and hard copies of relevant sales support material will be provided.
  • All relevant enquiries received by SVS directly from the dealer’s area of operation will be diverted to the dealer in question for action and follow-up.
  • All necessary information and support required to convert an enquiry to an order will be provided to the best of our ability.
  • All necessary installation and service support will be provided by SVS
SVS is continuously expanding its range , both in design and size of industrial ventilators. This is a continuing process. We aim to be one step ahead of all available competition and our current range of products is testimony to this fact.

We also plan to introduce a range of products in the energy saving category in the coming times in a category which will ensure our leadership position.

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